Journaling with Jesus

Welcome to Jesus take the pen where the pen of life is released to Jesus Christ, one journal entry at a time.

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Immediate Obedience

It was 2:30 AM and Pippy was desperate for a bathroom break. This is not part of her usual routine. The last time Pippy begged to be let out in the middle of the night was seven years ago. At the time Pippy was just a puppy and unable to…
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Surprised by God's Joy

As hot water pierced the open cuts on my legs I let out a boisterous laugh. That’s when I knew, “I’ve been surprised by God’s joy!” The bombshell breakthrough took place in the shower, where the best breakthroughs tend to occur.…
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Let's Run

“Turn left and head south on Milfair Road” The navigational system stated its directions clearly but I wasn’t listening. I took an immediate right and headed east instead. I searched for a way to make my wrong into a right but there were…
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The Final Chapter

For eight years I have been praying, asking God to write the final chapter of my sickness saga. Earnestly, I have asked God to give me His words to pen miraculous, inspiring closing lines to this Lyme story. Kindly, I have requested that He…
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Icy Conditions

My digits are frigid. This isn't new news. All ten of my fingers have been trapped in layers of invisible ice for the past eight years. Freezing hands is a chilly side effect of chronic Lyme disease and to be expected at my low weight. Despite…
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Remarkably Intact

Mom’s prescription sunglasses have been found and the story is nothing short of remarkable. The sunglasses in question went missing five years ago. Mom’s Elizabeth Arden tortoiseshell frames vanished without a trace. To this day, the…