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Welcome to Jesus take the pen where the pen of life is released to Jesus Christ, one journal entry at a time.

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Squirrelly Behavior

Let’s talk about squirrels. I love squirrels. They are a joy to watch as they scurry up trees and chase each other across branches. With their bushy tails and furry coats, squirrels appear so soft cuddly and cute. But don’t be deceived…
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Like Cures Like

For fifteen months I have been undergoing homeopathic treatments to cure chronic neurological Lyme disease. While sharing my journey with others and rejoicing in the healing I’ve experienced thus far I’m often asked, “What is homeopathy?” “Good…
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Pieces of the Puzzle

Lyme Disease is a jigsaw puzzle and symptoms are its pieces. When put together the interlocking aliments and abnormalities should create a complete picture that points the way to true healing. But putting this illness puzzle together isn’t…
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Pain is Beauty

When I was ten years old I wanted to get my ears pierced. All of my friends were getting their ears pierced – if they didn’t have them already – and I desperately wanted to join the bejeweled earlobe crowd. Despite a deep and, at times,…
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Strand by Strand

Two years ago I went short. Super, pixie-cut short. I made the decision to have my hair chopped off when my long locks became terribly thin. At the time, my health was rapidly declining. I was twenty-six years old and less than seventy-five…
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What NOT to say to a "skinny" person

“You’re so skinny!” If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that statement directed towards me in the past eight years I’d have a very flush bank account. Unintentional weight loss was at the genesis of my health saga. I dropped…