Meet Stephanie

Surrenderding the Pen

On November 2, 2009 I surrendered my life to Christ.
At the time I was a twenty-year old college sophomore determined to write my own story.

After growing up in church, proclaiming Jesus as my Savior, I was conflicted and unwilling to completely surrender to God’s Authorship. Even though I had dedicated my life to Christ at the age of eight, I had never truly laid down the pen of my life. In my hand I was clutching the ways of the world, using sin to write a story that was headed straight for destruction.

On November 2, 2009 my life was saved by the amazing grace of God. In an instant, the scales fell from my eyes. The ugliness of my sin became hideous and I dropped my pen.

I surrendered to God and asked Jesus to take over.

That’s when my story took a very interesting and mysterious twist.

Six months later I found myself sitting in a doctor’s office on the heels of a thirty-pound weight loss. Like water flowing from a faucet, my weight and health poured off of my body and out of my life. My quickly deteriorating condition baffled doctors and for seven years my wasted away as troubling, painful symptoms multiplied. Seven years later I was at a shocking sixty-pounds and my health was failing fast. That’s when God performed a miracle and delivered the diagnosis that changed my life and revived my hope in future health: Chronic neurological Lyme disease.

For years I have tried to fight my life of sickness and begged God for health but now I can see that all this time God has been at work in my heart. The truth is this life and its sickness is a gift bestowed upon me to draw me closer to Jesus. God has given me a pen of pain filled with the ink of suffering to write the story of His Son upon my life.

May my prayer always be, “Jesus, take my pain, my plans and my pen to write your story upon my life.”

For we walk by faith, not by sight.  2 Corinthians 5:7

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie, Jesus take the penStephanie is a follower of Christ and Schnoodle Mom with a knack for analogies and love of the written word. Her mission is to introduce people to the transformative, Risen Christ and testify to the victory of living united with His overcoming life.