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Strand by Strand

Two years ago I went short. Super, pixie-cut short.

I made the decision to have my hair chopped off when my long locks became terribly thin. At the time, my health was rapidly declining. I was twenty-six years old and less than seventy-five pounds. Everything about my body was wasting away – hair included.

When I took my seat in the stylist’s chair on June 20th, 2016 I was at peace with a life without miraculous healing. After six years of failing health I had come to accept Multiple Sclerosis as God’s plan for me. As I watched my long locks fall to the floor I watched my dreams of restoration fall, too. Allowing my hair to be cut was the outward expression of my inward decision to cut ties with my will and plan for a life of physical health.

My short pixie cut was a declaration of joyful acceptance. By cutting my hair I declared to the world, and myself, that God was not making a mistake with my illness. He had not abandoned me. My life was not worthless and without purpose. Sickness was part of His plan for my life and I decided I would spend my life rejoicing in it.

But sixteen months ago the words “Lyme Disease” God changed the trajectory of my life – and my hair. In that moment a new door was opened and a future of restoration was revealed. The gloomy prognosis of MS was erased with two words and the mental image of a tick. At once I saw the possibility for a future of complete and total healing.

It didn’t happen overnight or with a thunderous bomb. In my prayers that’s how I had pictured receiving my physical healing but in God’s sovereignty He didn’t answer my prayer according to my will. All along He has been healing me from the inside out in accordance to His perfect will and providence.

To God be the glory for great things He has done and is continuing to do in my body and hair. After eight years of devastating weight loss, pounds are naturally pouring onto my frame. Function is returning to organs that were as good as dead. Even my hair is being restored. My short, thinning strands are being transformed and redeemed with renewed body, thickness and strength.

The journey to physical restoration is only one year in and already God is performing miracles before my very eyes – and mirror. He is fighting battles to reclaim the territory that has been taken by disease. He is defeating my enemies and reclaiming my future health. Against all odds God has sustained every part of me, even the hairs on my head, so He could save me, one strand at a time.

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  1. Nicole Starbuck
    Nicole Starbuck says:

    I don’t see an option to like this post, but I like this post! So did it turn out that you didn’t have MS after all?

    • Stephanie
      Stephanie says:

      Lyme Disease is often misdiagnosed as MS. Also Lupus, ALS, Parkinsons…. They call Lyme the great imitator because it mimics so many other diseases. As it turns out I had Lyme disease and a whole bunch of coinfections. Getting an accurate diagnosis is so challenging and Lyme disease is largely misunderstood. It isn’t widely reported that you can actually contract it from a spider bite which is how I became infected. The results of an MRI showed lesion activity on my brain years ago which led to the belief that I had MS but what is MS really? After doing more research and investigating on my own I decided to look further into the underlying cause of my condition and that is when I came across Lyme disease. Turns out that was the genesis of my health problems dating back to my pre-teen years.

  2. Laura Farnham
    Laura Farnham says:

    He has numbered each hair on your head, so you KNOW He cares about each strand. Praise Him for His abundant grace, mercy and love for you, his beloved child.


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